SB Admin Theme rewritten in AngularJS

We are happy to announce the AngularJS version of SB Admin 2.0 theme. In this template, all the components are made into directives for ease of use. Also, it ships with all of Angular’s awesome features out of the box. Features: Responsive Design: Looks good on all devices. Web App (Single Page Application) : Never refresh the page once the app has loaded. Lazy Loading: Lazy loading is added using ocLazyLoad therefore loading only required files for a particular request. Grunt: Read more [...]

From CI to Yii

Yes It Is Simple! CodeIgniter Yii Global Reference $CI = &get_instance() Yii::app() Loading Classes $CI->load Yii::import Base URL site_url() Yii::app()->baseUrl URL creation site_url($path) Yii::app()->createUrl($route, $params) Routes routes.php main.php => urlManager Naming Underscore and Capitalization for classes camelCase everywhere other than DB Helper functions Present No predefined folder, but it can be added Class Read more [...]

Slow terminal or SSH login in Ubuntu

Terminal login to Ubuntu using SSH takes upto 4-5 seconds and it can be frustrating at times. It does a reverse DNS lookup while authentication which makes it slow.

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The fix is easy.

sudo vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

And add this line in the end

UseDNS no

Restart SSH server

sudo service ssh restart Dissertation Study Area Done!

Git branching is easy and simple

Branching and Rebasing explained in easy steps This is a summary or a quick look at Git branching and rebasing. To learn Git Branching, I concluded the following things. What is a branch? To keep things more modular and isolated we use branching with Git. For example, a feature can be developed in isolation in a branch and then it can be merged to the master branch later. This diagram depicts a master branch and another iss53 branch.   How to create a new branch? git branch Read more [...]


Sahusoft is a creative technological company. We love to create things. We believe that technology doesn’t stand alone but using it at the right place with a social and artistic approach can fill the gaps. We have designed few of the finest web apps which includes MeowFoto, MyLifeIsOnline and VirtualSatta. We are not in a race, we just do our best! Read more [...]