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SB Admin Theme rewritten in AngularJS

We are happy to announce the AngularJS version of SB Admin 2.0 theme.


In this template, all the components are made into directives for ease of use. Also, it ships with all of Angular’s awesome features out of the box.


  • Responsive Design: Looks good on all devices.
  • Web App (Single Page Application) : Never refresh the page once the app has loaded.
  • Lazy Loading: Lazy loading is added using ocLazyLoad therefore loading only required files for a particular request.
  • Grunt: Files are built using Grunt making it lighter and faster.
  • Reactive Charts: Angular-chart is used , which gives responsive and reactive charts to work with.

This is a free, open source dashboard theme that can be used by anybody. Either download the repo or head over to Github to clone it, either way do leave a comment.